5 most important things to look out before you finalize a PG

5 most important things to look out for before you finalize a PG

Due to the abundance of employment opportunities, top educational institutions, and high living standards in urban areas, there is a significant increase in the youth population in metropolitan cities like Delhi. This young population prefers rental housing that is affordable and has all the amenities they need. Paying Guest (PG) lodging would be the ideal option for economical living in cities, despite the fact that rental apartments and flats are significantly more expensive in urban areas. Nowadays, cities are filled with PG alternatives that offer safe and secure housing to bachelors, working people, and students alike.

You need not worry if you are unsure of what to look for because we will provide you advice on the most important things to look for before deciding on a PG. You must keep in mind, though, that everything ultimately comes down to your tastes, likes, and dislikes. So, before you give over the down payment, you must ensure that the property checks all of your boxes.

Here are 5 most important things to look out for before you finalize a PG

  1. Cost: When choosing a housing option for paying guests, price should be the primary consideration. Look for PGs in your desired neighbourhood that are within your spending limit. To get the best PG that meets your needs, you need to balance both criteria.
  2. Connectivity & Infrastructure: Once the budget and location have been chosen, determine whether the PG in that area is simple to reach via various transportation networks. Look for bus stops and train stations, which are close by and provide an easy commute to your business or college. Additionally, consider the nearby paying guest accommodations’ closeness to basic services including pharmacies, banks, hospitals, shopping centres, parks, and entertainment areas.
  3. Amenities: Considering the amenities that the PG provides is important. Before choosing a paying guest lodging, certain fundamental and essential utilities such as a reliable water supply, electricity, internet access, telephone lines, food/self-cooking option, cleanliness, safety and security measures like CCTV, and others, should be examined.
  4. Hygienic Washrooms: The washroom should also be examined before making a decision about a PG. It should be tidy and clean in the washroom. Find out from the management how often the bathroom is cleaned. Also, inquire about its ventilation. To determine whether the PG’s restrooms are comfortable for you, you should personally visit the PG. Additionally, you should confirm that it is large enough for your needs, especially if you intend to bring or rent your own washing machine.
  5. Healthy Meals: A significant factor in why many people choose to stay in PGs is that the majority of PG Stays provide home-cooked food. Rent will go up if you add a food package, but after you see the advantages, you’ll realise it was a wise decision. Not only will you receive wholesome meals, but you’ll also eat at set mealtimes. You won’t be able to find the wholesome cuisine you want at the dhabas or eateries close by. Additionally, dining at the PG with your fellow roommates will make you feel at home. The jokes that were told over the dinner table will live long in the memory.

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