Looking for a PG? Here’s all you need to know

A paying visitor is someone who stays on the owner’s property in the same home or apartment, uses all the amenities, and pays the owner for things like food, laundry, a bed, etc. An affordable Paying Guest (PG) with all the conveniences and amenities is a necessity for the students and employees leaving their comfort zones and coming […]

Tips to identify an ideal Paying Guest Accommodation

People move from place to place in today’s fast-paced world because of their work and to make a better livelihood. If one needs a place to live when moving to a new city or area, renting a property would be much more expensive. Hence, it is wise to choose a PG (Paying Guest) Accommodation that […]

5 most important things to look out before you finalize a PG

Due to the abundance of employment opportunities, top educational institutions, and high living standards in urban areas, there is a significant increase in the youth population in metropolitan cities like Delhi. This young population prefers rental housing that is affordable and has all the amenities they need. Paying Guest (PG) lodging would be the ideal […]