PG vs Hostel

The hardest decision to make when traveling to a new place is whether or not to stay in a PG or a hostel. After all, your PG or hostel is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time in the upcoming months or years, not just a location for you to put your belongings. The surroundings should allow you to fully concentrate on your work and the location should reflect your personality. In order to decide between a private room and a hostel, decide if you would rather live alone or with four other people. Do you have to pay per month for data packs, or does your rent cover it?

What Are PGs and What Are Their Benefits?
A paying guest is a place where students or employees come to stay on rent from a distant place for their convenience. When you pay your PG uncle or aunty rent, they give you a place to stay as well as necessities like Wi-Fi and air conditioning (and even regular meals).


  1. Prices for PGs typically depend on whether you choose a single, double, or triple sharing room.
  2. An excellent PG has a lot of amenities. The landlord offers simple services like food and Wi-Fi.
  3. Because there aren’t too many people in a room and there is ample personal space, the PG setting is perfect for college students to focus on since they typically have numerous examinations and assignments to present every week.
  4. The fact that most of them are owned and run by families, gives them a homey feel. You won’t need to contact your mother all the time and you won’t miss home as much.


  1. Although only the most fundamental amenities are offered, electricity bills might or might not be covered. And they can occasionally be extremely expensive, especially during the summer when you spend hours relaxing in the air conditioning. So check with the PG owner before you finalize anything.
  2. A lease that is at least 11 months long must be signed. You won’t be getting your security deposit returned if you check out early.
  3. The owner has the final say in all decisions involving the PG. A word of caution: this could also go wrong and cause problems.

What Are Hostels and What Are Their Benefits?
Thanks to Bollywood, living in a dorm is undoubtedly the most romanticized aspect of college life. However, not everything is as exciting as the movies make it seem, and hostels have just as many drawbacks as advantages.


  1. The most economical option for housing, especially for those who cannot afford to spend a lot on things like rent and utilities.
  2. There is a sense of community because many students live in the same area. Consequently, you won’t miss your hometown buddies as much.
  3. The mess area in most hostels offers three meals per day.
  4. Avoid dealing with landlords or apartment brokers as well as paying extra for brokerage, electricity, or security deposits.


  1. Although govt hostels have lower annual fees than PGs and rented apartments, the deposit must be paid all at once.
  2. The commotion and lack of personal space that comes with having so many other individuals share a location. Consider studying for a test while your roommate is playing loud rap music from his speaker.
  3. An unclean setting! Not only do you have to share a room with your buddies, but also with bugs and cockroaches. Or far worse—big, filthy rats.

Looking for a PG? Here’s all you need to know

A paying visitor is someone who stays on the owner’s property in the same home or apartment, uses all the amenities, and pays the owner for things like food, laundry, a bed, etc. An affordable Paying Guest (PG) with all the conveniences and amenities is a necessity for the students and employees leaving their comfort zones and coming to places of education and employment, in order to enhance their quality of life.

If you chose shared housing, there is a chance that you may have to live with a roommate. Before you move into the PG, be sure to discuss any worries you may have with the owner. Make sure your roommate is a like-minded individual, for instance, if you study late into the night while keeping the lights on.

Keep the following points in mind when you sign the PG:

Distance from your workplace/college
The location of your PG shouldn’t be too distant from your place of employment or institution because, if you don’t have a personal vehicle, the cost of transportation is typically fairly high in metropolitan areas. You can reduce your commute time significantly by picking a site that is close by and just a few kilometers away.

For your convenience, the PG should also be close to parks, hospitals, restaurants, and markets. If you needed to use these facilities, you would otherwise need to travel a long distance.

Facilities and conveniences

Check the lighting and ventilation when you first enter the PG room to ensure that you will feel at home after a long day at the office or college. Look at the PG’s aesthetics to choose which aspect you like, and only then should you move on.

Furnishings offered

Unfurnished PGs typically have lower rent than furnished ones, but if you don’t already have furniture, you should always choose a furnished apartment for a more comfortable stay. If money is not an issue, you should get a furnished PG.

Hygiene and sanitation
Hygienic restrooms are a further consideration before choosing a PG. The restrooms should be hygienic and tidy, and you should inquire about how regularly they are cleaned with the administration. To ensure privacy, look at the ventilation situation and verify the location of the bathroom.

Meal facility 
Students and working professionals frequently choose to stay in a PG because of the timely and healthy meals that are provided. Therefore, you need to ask the management about the menu, the ingredients used in the preparation, and the serving times. Keep in mind that you have a right to information about the home-cooked cuisine you will receive at a PG.

When choosing PG with food accommodations, the rent is typically high, but there are many advantages because you don’t need to find a “tiffin service” or dine at a nearby restaurant, which may drain your finances and be unhealthful.

Deadlines and Curfews at PG
If you work late shifts or are a night owl, it is crucial that you are aware of the deadlines and curfew times.

Guest Policy 
Very few PGs prohibit guests of a different gender or too many visitors at once. If you frequently have visits from family or other relatives, you should review the guest policy of the PG where you intend to live.

House Rules 
Every PG has specific ground rules that all renters must follow while they are there. Before making a decision, make sure you agree with the rules. Some PGs forbid smoking and drinking on the premises and do not permit non-vegetarian meals. Before you sign your agreement with the PG, you should inspect how the common areas, such as parking spots and kitchens, are being used.

Security and safety 
The location you select for your home must provide you a sense of security. Renting a PG that is safe and secure should therefore be your main priority. The community in which the PG is housed ought to have good security. You can verify whether there is always a security guard at the gate or whether a guard is always patrolling the community. Your PG should have round-the-clock CCTV monitoring that keeps an eye on what other tenants are doing outside of their rooms.

Documents required
When you have made the decision to stay at a certain PG that checks all the boxes on your list, you should find out what documentation is needed to board. The advance payment, security deposit, notice term, and refund policy should all be finalised (in case you wish to move out).


Tips to identify an ideal Paying Guest Accommodation

People move from place to place in today’s fast-paced world because of their work and to make a better livelihood. If one needs a place to live when moving to a new city or area, renting a property would be much more expensive. Hence, it is wise to choose a PG (Paying Guest) Accommodation that is close to their place of employment or study.

Since they have now left their familiar surroundings and they look for a location that can provide them with the conveniences and necessities. Whenever one finds themself in this scenario, they should use the following criteria to find perfect paid guest lodging.

  1. Continuous Connectivity
    When it comes to commuting between home and place of work/study, make sure the PG is located in a prominent area so that one has easy access to the city’s key destinations. Additionally, make sure that nearby bus stops, railway stations, and other transportation options are available.
  1. Necessary Amenities
    Ensure that all the necessary amenities, such as grocery stores, hospitals, and pharmacies, are available nearby so that one can get them in an emergency. Moreover, make sure that there are good restaurants and shopping stores nearby.
  1. Food
    If one needs a paying guest that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, they should specify that initially and make sure it is supplied at their preferred hour because some paying guests do not offer non-vegetarian cuisine. Few home owners also provide their tenants access to the kitchen so they can prepare the food they want.
  1. Look out for basic facilities
    Basic services like electricity, water, and maid services must be provided with dependability and quality. One should ask if these amenities are included in their rent as well as whether the rent payment fits within their budget.
  1. Do a research
    Before one pays the rent of the PG, they should ask the people of the PG a few questions about it. Additionally, they should conduct a background investigation on the property owners to ensure a trouble-free stay.
  1. Take a glance
  2. They should look over the space where they will be staying. It is important to ensure that the location is dust-free, clean, and appropriate for living. In addition, ensure that every service and place is adequately provided with a chair, table, and bed. Hygienic washrooms are a must and shouldn’t be overlooked. Above all, make sure that each of these services are accessible.
  1. Suitable Security
    The most crucial factor, and by no means the least, is safety. Make sure there are adequate residences nearby and around the area. Nothing is more important than your protection, therefore make sure you and your belongings are securely guarded. If you sense that the environment is troubling you, don’t hesitate to leave.

Go ahead and hunt for a safe and worthy paying guest so that you can live, keeping in mind all of these important criteria.

5 most important things to look out before you finalize a PG

Due to the abundance of employment opportunities, top educational institutions, and high living standards in urban areas, there is a significant increase in the youth population in metropolitan cities like Delhi. This young population prefers rental housing that is affordable and has all the amenities they need. Paying Guest (PG) lodging would be the ideal option for economical living in cities, despite the fact that rental apartments and flats are significantly more expensive in urban areas. Nowadays, cities are filled with PG alternatives that offer safe and secure housing to bachelors, working people, and students alike.

You need not worry if you are unsure of what to look for because we will provide you advice on the most important things to look for before deciding on a PG. You must keep in mind, though, that everything ultimately comes down to your tastes, likes, and dislikes. So, before you give over the down payment, you must ensure that the property checks all of your boxes.

Here are 5 most important things to look out for before you finalize a PG

  1. Cost: When choosing a housing option for paying guests, price should be the primary consideration. Look for PGs in your desired neighbourhood that are within your spending limit. To get the best PG that meets your needs, you need to balance both criteria.
  2. Connectivity & Infrastructure: Once the budget and location have been chosen, determine whether the PG in that area is simple to reach via various transportation networks. Look for bus stops and train stations, which are close by and provide an easy commute to your business or college. Additionally, consider the nearby paying guest accommodations’ closeness to basic services including pharmacies, banks, hospitals, shopping centres, parks, and entertainment areas.
  3. Amenities: Considering the amenities that the PG provides is important. Before choosing a paying guest lodging, certain fundamental and essential utilities such as a reliable water supply, electricity, internet access, telephone lines, food/self-cooking option, cleanliness, safety and security measures like CCTV, and others, should be examined.
  4. Hygienic Washrooms: The washroom should also be examined before making a decision about a PG. It should be tidy and clean in the washroom. Find out from the management how often the bathroom is cleaned. Also, inquire about its ventilation. To determine whether the PG’s restrooms are comfortable for you, you should personally visit the PG. Additionally, you should confirm that it is large enough for your needs, especially if you intend to bring or rent your own washing machine.
  5. Healthy Meals: A significant factor in why many people choose to stay in PGs is that the majority of PG Stays provide home-cooked food. Rent will go up if you add a food package, but after you see the advantages, you’ll realise it was a wise decision. Not only will you receive wholesome meals, but you’ll also eat at set mealtimes. You won’t be able to find the wholesome cuisine you want at the dhabas or eateries close by. Additionally, dining at the PG with your fellow roommates will make you feel at home. The jokes that were told over the dinner table will live long in the memory.